Nurse Clinics

Our Nurse Clinics are a great way to learn more about caring for your pet

We hold regular complimentary nurse clinics for your pets, including:

Rabbit Clinics

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular, with some living comfortably indoors. They have specific husbandry and nutritional requirements. We can give advice on accommodation, exercise, neutering, health care, vaccinations and how to be aware of Flystrike, a distressing disease which can be avoided with proper care and attention to your rabbit.

Weight Clinics

As an increasing number of pets become overweight, we are seeing further health problems develop such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. These clinics provide the opportunity to develop a tailor-made weight-loss plan for your pet. We will also give advice on exercise and provide follow-up sessions to give support with weight loss.

Mobility Clinics

If you have noticed any changes in your pet’s activity, we can give them a general health check as well as advice on diet and supplements. A mobility questionnaire will enable us to decide if your pet needs to be referred to a vet for further checks.

Senior Health Clinics

For pets over 7 years old. We can give advice on diet, check the heart, look for any changes such as lumps, clean ears and clip nails. If necessary, your pet can be referred to a vet for further checks and tests. These will be chargeable.

Puppy / Kitten Neutering Checks

These clinics provide a chance for us to check the progress and development of your puppy or kitten. We can advise on social behaviour, training, the change in worming regime, flea control and give you advice on neutering.

Dental Checks

As with humans, poor dental treatment can cause discomfort and pain. By carrying out regular mouth care and dental checks, we can detect problems early, therefore preventing unnecessary discomfort. The nurse will demonstrate the best way to look after your pet’s teeth with cleaning and diet, which will help in preventing a build-up of tartar, gingivitis and loss of teeth.

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