Cat Clinic

Exceptional veterinary care in a calm, feline-friendly environment

Why are we setting up a cat clinic?

Cats are unique animals with individual needs and requirements, but this means that a typical veterinary visit can be incredibly stressful for a cat and their owner. Cats retain many of their ancestral behaviours in that they do not like to leave their home territory, they are very sensitive to novel sounds and smells, and they are inherently frightened of other animals, including dogs. In a cat-only clinic, not only do we see solely cats (thereby removing the stress of sharing a waiting room with canine patients), but we understand that cats need gentle and respectful handling, and have learnt to adapt our approach to each individual patient by watching their behaviour and considering their emotional wellbeing as we know that a single unpleasant experience at the clinic can affect many months of future visits for a cat.

The clinic is designed especially for our feline companions, with cat-friendly equipment such as cosy bedding and feline forts to hide in within the kennels, gentle lighting and background music, and Feliway diffusers to aid reassurance and serenity. This means that our feline patients are more relaxed in the clinic, allowing an easier examination of your pet, procedures to be performed that might not otherwise be tolerated without the need for sedation, more reliable test results which are less affected by stress, and therefore more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of your pet's problem.

Location of Rowe Cat Clinic


Unit 2, Lark Rise
BS37 7PJ


Tel No: 01454 312312




  • Health checks and vaccinations
  • Blood and urine samples
  • Dentistry with dental xray
  • Xray and ultrasonography
  • Cardiology clinics
  • Investigation of heart murmurs
  • Surgical procedures
  • Animal Health Certificates for travel
  • Dietary advice and weight clinics
  • Microchipping
  • Senior clinics
  • Blood pressure management

Disabled Access Information

  • 2 x disabled parking bays
  • Drop kerbs for wheelchair users
  • Ground level practice (no lift required)
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