Case Studies

Read some stories of pets we have treated

Milton uses one of his 9 lives but lives to tell the tale

8-month-old Milton was brought into the Emergency Veterinary Service (EVS) at the Rowe Veterinary Group after he had had a nasty accident. After being with his new owners less than 48 hours, he had made a dash for it and escaped from his new home. When he returned, his owners found him unable to use his back leg and very unhappy.

It was found by the EVS service that Milton had broken his tibia (shin bone) on his right hind leg, which needed orthopaedic surgery to put it back together, therefore Milton was referred onto Ossicle Limited for this.

Milton underwent surgery to stabilise his fractured tibia using a KYON Veterinary Surgical Products ALPS 6.5 plate technique and, after being discharged for his recuperation period, he came back 6 weeks later for a check-up with Mark and to re-radiograph his leg to check it was healing okay.

Thankfully all has gone well since his accident, his bone has healed well and he has settled into his new home nicely. We're sure once the weather has picked up he will be out adventuring again...just a little more carefully this time, Milton!

Stanley's back on his feet again

Stanley was referred to see Orthopaedic Surgeon Mark Owen after he had managed to fracture the medial condyle of his left femur (the bottom of his thigh bone and part of his knee). It was decided that surgery was required to hold the bone fragment in place to allow it to heal correctly and so Stanley was admitted for orthopaedic surgery.

In theatre, a wire was placed across the fragment to stabilise it, whilst two compression screws were then placed across the fracture site to hold the fragment in place.

Stanley's post-surgical radiographs looked good and so he was sent home for 6 weeks’ severely restricted rest. Stanley came back to see us recently for a check-up following his initial recuperation period and has done very well. We took some final radiographs of his knee and the bone has healed brilliantly. We are really pleased with Stanley's progress.

Vacuum therapy for handsome Louis

Louis, an 8-year-old Maine Coon cat, went missing from his home for several days. When he finally returned he was thin, hungry and had a deep infected wound on his thigh. The wound was treated with a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy or VAC device, which is extensively used in human medicine but not yet commonly used in veterinary practice. It removes discharge and promotes healing and, as you can see by the pictures, is well tolerated by our veterinary patients. After 5 days the wound was healthy enough to close and we are pleased to report that Louis has made a good recovery.

Who ate all the stones?

Meet Trevor, who came to see us from Winterbourne and Brimsham Veterinary Clinics in the summer, after having eaten a rather large amount of stones! Removing foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tracts of our patients is not uncommon, however the sheer amount of stones that Trevor had consumed was. Luckily they were easy to spot on x-rays and he made a smooth recovery from the surgery. Here he is pictured with one of our nurses Telmo and the stones that we removed from his stomach.