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The Yate Surgery team are happy to help you.  All the Veterinary Surgeons here are very experienced and between them will see and help any of your pets. Charlotte has a great interest in any unusual pets such as birds and reptiles and Kate is an expert in ultrasound scanning if your pet has a condition that requires more investigation.

Yate Surgery Team

Alastair Mather

Veterinary Surgeon


Bridget Fleming

Bridget Fleming

Veterinary Surgeon




Rachel Griffiths

Rachel Power

Veterinary Surgeon

Rachel qualified from the University of Bristol in 2010 and has since worked in Gloucestershire and Warwickshire before joining Rowe Vet Group in 2014.  She splits her time between the Yate surgery and the Bradley Stoke hospital.

In her spare time Rachel enjoys walking, playing in a local orchestra and watching live music. She also spends a lot of time chasing after her rabbits whilst they chew her house to bits!



brian hildick smith2

Brian Hildick-Smith

Principal Veterinary Surgeon

Brian qualified from the Liverpool Veterinary School in 1976. He subsequently gained experience in Worcestershire, the USA and South Africa before joining the group in 1977. He is the partner in charge of our Yate branch.  

Brian is very keen on dogs and cats and has an interest in helping animals with skin problems.  These can often take a lot of detective work to find the diagnosis and the cure but he finds that dermatology can be very satisfying if you can get to the root of the problem.


Brian is off to Goa in October with fellow vet Kate James on a charity trip for Mission Rabies to help with a vaccination programme in dogs.  The aim is to help India which has more rabies deaths, human and dog, than anywhere in the world. The aim of Mission Rabies is for the world to be rabies free by 2030.





Kate James

Principal Veterinary Surgeon

Kate graduated with honours from the University of Bristol. After a brief spell working in the University large animal department she joined us at our Yate branch. Although Kate is interested in many aspects of mixed practice she has a particular interest in small animal medicine.

Kate also holds the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate in Small Animal Medicine.  



sophie cloutter

Sophie Cloutter

Veterinary Surgeon

Sophie qualified from the Liverpool University and joined us soon after graduation. She works mainly at our busy Yate surgery.  Sophie has an active interest in all aspects of Small Animal Practice but is especially keen on surgery and theatre work.

Sophie works 2-3 days per week and some weekends fitting this around a busy family life with 2 boys.



Our Nurse Team



amy homer

Amy Homer RVN NCert ANA

Head Veterinary Nurse





Michelle Ritter RVN

Deputy Head Veterinary Nurse




Hannah Lewis RVN

Veterinary Nurse




hannah lewis emma godby

Emma Godby RVN

Veterinary Nurse




carrie pulsford

Carrie Pulsford RVN

Veterinary Nurse




victoria cole

Victoria Cole

Student Nurse




Our Reception Team




Kim Moran

Team Leader




glenda scott

Glen Scott





sharon reynolds

Sharon Reynolds





Sally Kinnerly





sally kinnerly tamsin pridham

Tamsin Pridham

Head Reception





emma warwick

Emma Beesley





vicky lowman

Vicky Loman

Deputy Head Reception




Emily Dovey

Emily Strachan





alastair mather Gemma Kendall

Gemma Kendall





Sarah Fox-Robinson