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Castrating males


Male rabbits make responsive pets but can become territorial, aggressive and can frequently spray urine if not castrated.  They have to be kept alone which is not fair as rabbits like to have company.  Neutered males are much happier and more relaxed.  They can enjoy life without having to look for a mate and are much less aggressive and smelly!  Castration is a minor operation which can be performed from 5-6 months of age.


Spaying females


Female rabbits can also become territorial or show signs of aggression once they have reached sexual maturity at around 4-6 months of age.  If they are not spayed they can have repeated false pregnancies, become aggressive towards their owners and other rabbits.  Keeping two females together, even if they are sisters, can make things worse.  Spaying female rabbits can also prevent uterine cancer which may increase their life expectancy.  Females can be spayed at about 4 months of age.