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It's not just dogs and cats that need insurance. We regularly see rabbits with a wide range of health problems that need veterinary treatment. Having your rabbit insured will give you peace of mind should he become ill or suffer an unforeseen injury.



When selecting an insurance policy there are a few things you should take into consideration:


  • Ensure that the amount of veterinary cover is adequate for your pet - bear in mind that advances in veterinary medicine means that we can do more now to treat complex medical conditions, however this can make treatment more expensive.


  • Check that the policy is for life and not just for 12 months or up to a maximum benefit - some insurance companies will only cover an illness/injury for the first 12 months of onset of the condition or up to a maximum amount.  After 12 months or once you have reached the maximum benefit the condition will not be covered and you will have to pay for any further veterinary treatment.  We recommed taking out a 'covered for life' policy. Cover for veterinary fees under these types of policies is provided up to a set amount each year and there is no time limit on how long you can claim for each illness and injury providing you renew the policy without a break in cover.


  • Check whether your pet will still be covered later in his/her life - some insurance policies will not cover pets once they reach a certain age and you will have to pay for any veterinary treatment needed.

Rabbit Insurance

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We recommend taking out insurance for your rabbit with Pet Plan as they provide a cover for life policy. This means that they provide cover each and every year of your rabbit's life even if he is diagnosed with a life long condition such as dental disease.


We can give four weeks free immediate insurance cover to owners of rabbits under 1 year of age providing that they have had a health check with one of our vets.


Our receptionists are specially trained pet insurance advisors, please either ring or drop into one of our surgeries for further advice