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Flystrike is a distressing and potentially fatal condition seen in rabbits during the warmer months.  It is essential that your rabbit is kept clean as flies are attracted to faeces, urine and open wounds. Flystrike occurs when fly eggs hatch into maggots which then feed on your rabbit and burrow into the skin.


Taking the following steps to ensure that your rabbit is free from flies can help to prevent flystrike:


  • Clean the hutch daily, ensuring that you remove all faeces and urine soiled bedding.

  • Put flypaper in and around the run/hutch.

  • Never leave old rotting food either in or near your rabbit’s living quarters.

  • Check your rabbit at least twice daily for signs of matted droppings, fly eggs or maggots.  If faecal material accumulates around his/her bottom remove it carefully and seek veterinary advice.

  • Products can be prescribed to prevent eggs from hatching into maggots and thereby damaging your rabbit.


Please ring for further advice.


At the first sign of any maggots contact us immediately as any delay in treatment can be fatal for your rabbit.