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Your cat will have different nutritional needs throughout its life, therefore it is important to know what to feed it throughout these different stages.  Our vets and nurses are available to give advice and develop a tailored feeding regime for your cat.




Kittens need extra nutrients to help them grow, therefore we recommend feeding a specially formulated diet such as Royal Canin Weaning/Growth or Hills Science Plan Kitten. They have a comparatively small stomach capacity compared with the volume of food required therefore it is important to feed several smaller meals through the day rather than one or two large ones. Fresh water in a clean bowl should be available at all times.


Adult cats (from 10-12 months of age)


When your kitten reaches maturity, its nutritional needs will be different. We recommend neutering your cat at approximatley 5-6 months of age at which stage his/her nutritional requirements will change. Neutered cats need 24-33% fewer calories compared to unneutered cats and are therefore more prone to weight gain. We recommend feeding either Royal Canin Young Male/Female or Hills Science Plan Adult Light to avoid weight gain. Up to 50% of middle-aged cats are overweight - obesity increases the risk of health problems and can also shorten the life expectancy of your cat.


Senior cats (over 7 years of age)


Older cats are more prone to developing health problems.  By switching to a senior diet there is an opportunity to improve your cat's health, increase his lifespan and improve his quality of life.  Older cats are also more likely to become overweight or obese as they become less active. The Royal Canin Mature/Senior or Hills Science Plan Mature adult foods are recommended as they are formulated to meet the specific needs of the older cat.


Knowing what food to feed your cat and how many calories it needs per day can be tricky especially as feeding requirements can vary greatly from one cat to another. Our vets and nurses are specially trained to give advice on pet nutrition. We provide regular clinics to monitor your cat's weight and give advice on the most suitable diet for your cat. We stock a wide range of diets at each of our surgeries suitable for all breeds, lifestages and lifestyles. If we don't stock the food that you require we can usually order it in for you by the next working day.